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Helpful links and resources for food intolerances. This is page is dedicated to helping those manage their food intolerances.  


Special Guests 


Ep 10 – Add some please!

It’s all seasonal at Adsum Farm, with Karen Martini’s Green Goddess Minestrone, a visit from FODMAP author Colleen Francioli,

Colleen Francioli is the founder of FODMAP Life, she is also a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Author, Digital Health & Wellness Marketing Professional! 


Ep 6 – The apple of my eye

Amongst the Modi Apple Orchards, Karen and Richard are joined with Olivia from Yum Gluten Free. 

Olivia has always been a lover of food, health and wellness and has channeled this diagnosis into a passion for spreading awareness about the harmful effects of gluten on those with Coeliac Disease. 


Ep 5 - You say potato...

Up Gippsland way, Dr Jason Tye-Din drops by for a slice of coeliac inspired Chocolate Cake.

Dr Jason Tye-Din is the chair of Coeliac Australia's Medical Advisory Committee.  His research is assisting the development of new diagnostic approaches and novel treatments for people with coeliac disease.



Coeliac Australia

Voice for Coeliac Disease

Is a national not-for-profit association, comprising five state organisations supporting people with coeliac disease. Coeliac Australia provides a framework for the states to work together, share resources and fulfil its vision - To enhance the quality of life of people with coeliac disease and those medically diagnosed as requiring a gluten free diet for life and to support research towards a cure or other ethical forms of treatment.

Fodmap friendly

Fodmap Friendly Food Program

The FODMAP Friendly certification program, incorporating the FODMAP Friendly logo, is the only registered certification trademark worldwide certifying FODMAP levels in food products that have been laboratory tested to be low in FODMAP’s. It is designed to enable consumers with symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) who are following a Low FODMAP diet to easily identify and select suitable packaged food products. This easily recognisable “FODMAP Friendly” logo assists people with such symptoms to shop and eat with confidence.


Monash University

Low FODMAP diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Low FODMAP diet was developed by researchers at Monash University. The Monash team, led by Professor Peter Gibson, provided the first evidence that a Low FODMAP diet improves IBS symptoms. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common functional gastrointestinal disorder affecting one in seven Australian adults and is also common in the USA, Europe and many Asian countries.