Prep time:        1hr  10 mins + marinate

Cooking time:  12 mins

Serving:            4 people

*Modify for Low Fodmap:

  • Make sure you use So Good Soy Milk for Low Fodmap
  • Above ¼ cup Almond Meal is High Fodmap – reduce Almond Meal or split 5 ways

You will need


  • 500g Driscolls' Strawberries (super ripe)
  • 100g sugar
  • 6g agar agar


  • 175ml soy milk
  • 50g sugar 
  • 25ml honey
  • 40g glucose 
  • 250g Meredith Goats Yogurt
  • Juice of 1 lemon 



  • 250g caster sugar 
  • 130g almond meal
  • 100g White Wings GF Flour 
  • 75g cocoa 
  • 70ml grape seed oil


  • 100g Driscoll's Raspberries
  • 100g Driscoll's Blueberries
  • 100g Driscolls Blackberries 
  • 6 Driscolls' Strawberries 
  • Sprigs of fresh lemon balm or lemon verbena 

Step 1

To make the strawberry gel - slice the strawberries and place in a bowl along with the sugar. Cover with glad wrap and leave to stand at room temperature overnight. This will get the maximum flavor out of the strawberries but not essential.


Step 2

Blend the strawberries to puree consistency, pass through a fine sieve, and discard anything left in the sieve. While still cold, mix in the agar agar. Place in a saucepan and bring to a gentle simmer and remove from heat as soon as it starts to boil. Pour into a low-sided flat tray and set in the fridge. (It will be set after an hour).


Step 3

Cut into 6cm discs using a cutter and lift out with a small spatula or knife. Set aside and place all the gel offcuts back in the blender and blitz for about 30 sec until gel consistency. Pour the blitzed gel into a piping bag and set aside.


Step 4

To make the chocolate soil pre heat oven at 160 degrees. Mix the dry soil ingredients together until well combined, then add the oil and gently mix you’re your hands until it starts to resemble soil.


Step 5

Spread the soil on a lined baking tray and bake for 12 minutes. Cool down and brake by hand until soil consistency. Set aside. To make the ice cream ensure the bowl of your ice cream churner is frozen. In a heavy based pot over medium heat bring the soy milk, sugar, honey, yoghurt,  lemon juice & glucose to simmer. Don’t over heat it is just to warm and dissolve the sugar, honey and glucose. Take off heat & allow cooling.


Step 6

Pour the mixture into the bowl of the ice cream maker and churn on medium speed for about 12 minutes. The texture should be a silky smooth ice cream. Use immediately or scoop into a container and keep in the freezer.


To Assemble

  • Cut all the berries into different shapes
  • Pipe dollops of the pureed strawberry gel on the plate
  • Place some berries around the plate
  • Add little mounds of chocolate soil
  • A few more dollops of pureed gel.
  • Nestle the gel discs in and on top of the berries.
  • Add a few more berries and a little more soil.
  • Garnish with fresh lemon balm sprigs for flavour and texture.
  •  Top with a quenelle or scoop of ice cream.


  • The glucose stabilises the ice cream and gives it a smooth texture
  • The soil can keep for up to 4 weeks in an airtight container.
  • The strawberry gel and ice cream can be made days ahead