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 Prep time: 20-30mins

Cook time: 1hr 10 minutes (for the pork) plus cooling off time

Makes: 10-12 

What you need:


  • 1.5kg St Bernards pork belly

  • salt flakes

  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • 3 large brown onions, sliced in thick rounds

  • 6 bay leaves 


Rice paper rolls

  • 50g Ayam rice vermicelli

  • Iceberg lettuce, finely sliced

  • 4 baby cukes, cut into long batons 

  • 22cm rice paper rounds

  • Shiso leaves

  • Vietnamese mint

  • Toasted white rice, optional

  • Mint leaves

  • Thai basil or purple basil

  • Coriander


Hoisin  dipping sauce

  • 150ml Ayam gf Hoisin sauce ,

  • couple of drops of sesame oil

  • 1Tbsp Ayam coconut cream

  • 2Tbsp toasted salted peanuts, crushed

  • ½ chilli, finely chopped



 Step 1: Preheat on high 220C fan forced


Step 2: Score the pork skin in 1cm increments. Place the pork in a colander over the sink and pour boiling water over the skin. Pat dry. Salt and oil pork meat and all over skin. 


Step 3: Lay the pork on baking tray lined with the onion slices and bay leaves. 


Step 4: Pour a cup of water in the bottom of the pan.


Step 5: Roast in the super hot oven for 30 minutes, then reduce heat to low (160C) and cook for another 30 minutes.  You should have crispy crackling on the pork. If not, turn the oven grill on medium/high. Grill the pork for about 5 minutes or until the crackling is crisp and golden. 


 Step 6: Take the pork from the oven, allow to cool enough to touch, Remove the crackling from the pork in one big piece, slipping your knife between the crackling and the meat. You will be left with a sheet of pork crackling, leave the fat on the pork but scrape any off the crackling, you are after the dry crackling. Place the sheet of crackling between 2 sheets of baking paper and smash it up into fine crumbs using a mortar, rolling pin or meat mallet. Chop over any bits that don’t crumb. 

Step 7: Shred or thinly slice the pork meat. 


Step 8: As the pork has cools off, prepare all the ingredients to make the rolls. They are extra delicious if the pork still has a little warmth. 


Step 9: To start the rice paper rolls, cook the vermicelli as per packet instructions, refresh in cold water, chop through a couple of time with scissors to shorten, toss in a touch of oil and set aside.


Step 10: Prepare all the other ingredients before you start rolling. 


Step 11: Dampen a couple of rice papers at a time between two wet tea towels or give them a quick dunk in tepid water and lay on a clean smooth surface, not wood. Don’t be tempted to get them too wet, they will break and be difficult to roll. 


Step 12: To roll place a couple of Vietnamese mint leaves flat in the middle on the rice paper.  Follow on with a shiso leaf then make a small pile of noodles along the bottom and follow on with small amounts of all the other ingredients. Don’t over fill or the rice paper will break.


Step 13: Fold in the 2 outside edges to enclose the ends and firmly roll away from you Repeat.


Step 14:To make the hoisin sauce, add the hoisin, coconut cream, a few drops of sesame oil to a bowl and mix well. Spoon some peanuts and chilli over the top to serve.